Friday, 26 April 2013

Recent changes to the Mirage User Interface

There have been a number of changes to the Mirage user interface in the past few days.

Source metadata

Mirage now displays "administrative" metadata about the data capture process; e.g. who was logged in, what instrument was used, and the "save" file and folder names for each captured Datafile.

Downloaded ZIP / TAR files

When you download an Experiment or selected Datasets or Datafiles the TAR / ZIP archive now has file and folder names that match the names used to save the files on the instrument.   If you are downloading an entire Experiment, you can still get the "classic" MyTardis organization.

Update - 2013-05-06:  Mac users are no longer offered the option of downloading in ZIP format because of Mac's problems with reading the "streamed" ZIP file format that MyTardis uses.  You can use TAR format instead.

Sharing data with other Mirage users

It is now possible to share Experiments with other Mirage users, or groups using the "sharing" tab in the Experiment view.  You can grant read-only access, read-write access, or full ownership rights.

If you wish to create a Mirage group for sharing data within your research group, please contact me.


The "data sharing" changes and other ones that you may notice are the work of Steve Androulakis and Grischa Meyer at Monash Uni.  For the MyTardis audience, this the result of the "master-3.0 merge".  Kudos to Steve A!

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